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Commands Description

Menu Commands:

  • Left button click-and hold pauses text scrolling.
  • Left button drag of the scrolling text drags quotes text in the horizontal direction.
  • Right mouse click on the scrolling text displays popup command menu.

Popup Menu Commands:

  • Research – opens browser with research links and free bonus, click here for more
  • Align – dock bar to the top or bottom
  • Scroll – changes direction and pauses scrolling
  • Properties – displays “Properties” dialog
  • Update – immediately updates prices
  • Software – other financial software
  • Help – displays this help file
  • About – displays “About” dialog
  • Exit – quits program

Toolbox Commands:

  • Accelerates scrolling in the left direction.
  • Pauses scrolling
  • Accelerates scrolling in the right direction
  • Displays “Properties” dialog
  • Quits program

System Tray Commands:

  • Update Quotes – updates prices and updates online casinos pricing
  • Hide Bar – hides/shows bar
  • Exit – quits program


The clock in the left corner of the bar shows the local time of the last update. While the update is taking place you may see a green light showing that the update is in progress. The red light in the left corner shows that either a quote server failed to retrieve data or internet connection failed on the moment of the update.

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